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What’s Uruguay? Quick trip to a small place in between Brazil and Argentina

The houses of old town Colonia Sacramento are small, old and nearly indistinguishable. They line along wide cobblestones streets, of the small quiet town one hour by ferry from Buenos Aires across the wide mouth of Rio Plata. Delta of … Continue reading

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Opinion: A Case For Religion.

I am personally religious. While some say that it is impossible to be Jewish without being religious I disagree because that is like saying that in order to be French one has to be catholic. But, even though I am … Continue reading

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Chance meeting, having guts always works, or how I came to be on Radio Jai

There’s a part of Buenos Aires, where kipas, wigs and black hats are as ubiquitous as mate cups and thermoses.  Once is the original area where Jews settled in early 20th century and as Orthodox Judaism takes stronger and stronger … Continue reading

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