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April 2015

Soviet American Passover

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Passover with my family is a little bit like going to a three act play. In fact any family gathering is like a Woody Allen movie. Which is something I am beginning to love and recognize because it is never boring.

Every year we have a cast of characters and guest appearances. This year was my Aunt and Uncle. My mom had just had surgery on her foot, which means she took the day off from work to cook all day, hobbling with the foot in the giant shoe while my dad fielded interviews from his office. He had a dry spell after Microsoft took over Nokia and fired all engineers but it looks like things are finally becoming on the up and up. After every interview he would run down the stairs as he usually does, making way too much sound for the 150lb 5’5″ frame and begin telling us about the joke he told during his interview and try helping mom to her dissatisfaction. The quibble for a bit and then he goes back up to the office.

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