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The Book

After travels to 32 countries and two years of editing, design, writing, and fundraising, the book is here! Preview the book online here
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Your Story Our Sipur
You Story Our Sipur Book

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The book can be found at the locations on the map. To learn more, scroll down.

After a year of travels and thousands of photographs, four years of writing and arranging the pictures of the Jewish communities, the stories and the lessons from the countless experiences and interviews,  thanks to a crowdfunding effort from the community and friends, in the fall of 2015, we printed 1000 books and sold over 500 copies since January of 2016.
You can now get your own copy of Your Story Our Sipur direct or save on shipping and support a local book store. Or you can buy one on Amazon and hopefully leave a review.

The e-book and the 200-page coffee table book comes with stories and photographs of Jewish cultures and their history in 32 countries across six continents experienced by one photographer in one year. It is a journey into the diaspora, into how people change as they settle in different communities, it is about how they are changed and how they change and impact communities where they settle. It is about how one people refused to let go of their heritage and history in spite of distance and time. That is the story of me, my people and I hope you will read it and add your story as well.

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Now on Sale for Passover!!

By buying direct, you will have each book numbered and signed by the author. Options also include prints of various sizes.

Save yourself some money and buy from the following stores and support your local Judaica shops!


Golden Dreidle, Irvine, Orange County.

Hatikva, San Diego

House of David, Los Angeles, Valley Glenn

Scarlet Letter, Normal Heights San Diego

Dharma Bums Buddhist Shop


Frank’s Books, Cleveland, OH


Narberth Book Shop

Our Story, Our Sipur, The Our Jewish Story Book by Sam Litvin

Find the book in the stores on the map. To contact for buying books in bulk, contact sam by emailing litvins at gmail

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