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Sam The Jewish Guy is a travel blog of OurJewishStory.
You can find more about the project by following these sites.
The official website and network.
Let the world share their Jewish story.
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Other Blogs and Sites you might like:

Share your Jewish Story on PBS

Romans didn’t expel Jews to Europe, they expelled them period. This means some went to Europe, but many went to Iraq, to Iran, to Africa and Asia. And yet, most of the world only knows about Jews in Europe. That’s because most of the story tellers are from Europe. However that is changing. Many Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews are starting to tell their stories. The Mizrahi Project is one of those. Learn more about Jews from around the world, in their own words.

This guy Jono David has been travelling and photographing Jews since 1987. Over a hundred countries!!!!! Please check out his work and everything that he managed to capture.

The Bete-Avraham community of Kechene, a suburb of Addis Ababa are online. You can see their website, hear their music and keep tabs on them. They recently had their synagogues shut by the government, but they are actively fighting for their rights. So please support them and sign their petition

Irene Orleansky is a musician from Tel Aviv. She spent two years recording the blending of cultures through music following Jews of Asia and Africa from Igbo in Uganda to Jews of Harbin. The music she recorded contains the centuries of coexistence and Jewish history in lands that few anthropologists have ventured to. She is now working on a film showing these unique and interesting cultures. 

Chadatw is a blog by Chad Rothbart, a San Diegan Jew, engineer and YAD organizer. He travelled to 34 countries over the course of one year and visited Jewish communities along the way including a stint with JDC Entwine and volunteering with IDF.

A San Diego on-line publication with a wide reach and many interesting articles. They published my article about Ethiopia and Ethiopian Jews.


Traveller and photographer of Jews around the world.


A curriculum program for learning about Judaism through photographer by Zion Ozeri.

A project by a very talented Anna Claire Spellman photographing Jews of South-East Asia

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