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The End of Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism Begins with Muhammad

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A seventeen year old, proclaims love for the country he was born in, realizing that he has more rights there than he would if it were not there. He recognizes the rights of the majority to be there, he is critical of the wrongs but not so much that he discounts the good. The country has a majority which has forgotten its way. It has allowed the terror to terrorize it, to make it so afraid, that it would allow those who value it, respect it, love it, die.. because it is afraid to allow those who are a minority to be full human beings.

Oppressor hold us when we oppress, we must end oppression to end the oppression of us. We must show love for all, even if they try to hurt us, because nothing is more disarming than a realization that you have nothing to fear. We must protect those who are friends so that others who support us feel safe to become our friends.

When these things happen, that is when an environment that allows for peace will begin to warm the hearts of the enemies, and turn them into friends. But first, we must melt our hearts. Because we hold the power, we hold the numbers, we are the threat and so we must, erase the threat, we must show vulnerability, we must display trust even if it sometimes harms us. Because in the end, fear and violence, and revenge will hurt us much much more.

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