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February 2016

Palestinian Auto Shop for Orthodox Rabbis

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There’s a Christian Palestinian  owner of an auto shop in San Diego  with a penchant for Jews. Or is it that Jews have a penchant for him?

Toni’s Five-Star auto shop sits on a busy street in East County of San Diego. This is part of suburban San Diego with love for cowboys, large track-homes and a lot of American flags. It is also home for one of the best wrestling teams in America (the only sport mentioned in the Torah) and to several Jewish Orthodox Synagogues. Toni is a nice guy with a Middle Eastern accent, a bushy black mustache and friendly eyes. Toni hails from Jaffa, Israel and runs the shop with the help of Jimmy, a funny guy from Boston who greets customers with a dry sense of humor from behind the front counter.

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Movement Hijackers

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Every rally will have one. They find their way into every single protest that gets media time. Women’s rights, they are there. Black rights, they are there. Police shootings, they are there. Gay rights, they are always there. Who you ask?  You know who. You see them wave the Palestinian flag, signs with insults at all Israelis, the signs describing of apartheid, genocide and war crimes. Their message seems to be anti authority and yet there is something missing.

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