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Do you have stories? Do you like translating? Do you want to help in anyway at all???   Contact us!!!

 This project would not happen without the time, efforts and funds of many people like you. Whether it was strangers opening their homes in a strange land to friends who donated their time by editing to supporters like you who donated funds, everyone contributed to making this a reality. This project needs storytellers, photo, video and text editors, translators, publishers and patrons.  If you are interested in helping to create a My Jewish Story book, having Sam speak or showcasing the photographs from the Jewish communities in order to have these stories told to more people like, please contact  If you would like to donate, you can do so through paypal by following the link bellow. Every penny helps.  Thank you for your support, without you, this would not be possible.

Gratitude goes out to:

 Olga Litvin, 

Eugene and Bella Litvin

Innessa and Edward Litvin

Nancy and Sean McGrogan 
 Anton Lakshin and Sophia Georghiou

Nika Water, Linda and the Church family.
Elaina Garcia and Family
 Clayton Beach and Victoria Turek 
Aimee and Michael Broadbent

The Sulek family.

The Khruslov family.

Moishe House of San Diego

Andrew Bassett

Aniesa Ally

Danny Bull

Tesfa Balayneh

Alsan Sjalsamudov

Alexia Metzler

Herby Opland and Nadiva Schreibman

David Crain

Jim and Diane Turek

Vicki Shmulinsky

Rimma Reytblat

Kurt Talke

Gina Rossi

Moshe Soto
Letty Cesnes

Jason Harp 
Saulo Ferraz

Thank you for being gracious hosts, supporters, storytellers and patrons.

Also thank you for opening up to:

Albert Einstein Hospital and Hebraica Club, Sao Paulo, Dohany Synagogue and Chabad, Budapesht
Maccabi Center, Temple Emanu-El, AMYA, BA Jewish Museum, L’dor V’dor, Buenos Aires, Sydney Jewish Museum, Jewish Museum of Prague, Cener for Jewish Life-London, Chabad San Diego State and Pacific Beach and many many more. 

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