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A Few Updates!

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So as some may know, I am living in Israel and attending the graduate program at Tel Aviv University working on Bat Research for world-renown Professor Yossi Yovel to get a Master’s in Environmental Science and on my Executive-MBA from the Northwestern Kellogg and Tel Aviv University Recanati School of Business.

Past year has not been easy, as I have been writing about my experience, taking courses, working on research, training Israelis in American Folk wrestling and so many other things.

A few big things I wanted to share:

A) I’m an Israeli now! Waiting for my passport but my wife and I have officially gotten our Alija!

Steph and I in Jerusalem right after getting our Alija.




B) In July I  was lucky to get the Addesman Scholarship which allowed me to travel to Namibia to study under Prof. Berry Pinshow, Prof. Scott Turner, Dr. Eugene Morais, and Prof. Nurit Agam Biophysical Field Methods. Two of the toughest and hardest working weeks in beautiful Namibia. The trip allowed me to visit the Jewish community in of Windhoek about which I wrote in my Jewish Namibia post.

Our Namibian and Israeli students at Gobabeb with Prof Pinshow, Prof Turner, Dr. Maurais and Prof Agam

C) I’m very honored to have been the recipient Don P. Jacobs scholarship for the business school. It’s an honor as he was the longtime dean of Kellogg business school and he developed the first global MBA with Israel being the first chapter. I am very honored to be one of the recipients for this year.

I am applying to many scholarships for the business school and the goal for the business school is $80,000 ($65,000 tuition and $15000 in travel costs for the global electives). Currently, I have raised $20,000. I created a little thermometer here so you can keep up to date with my progress.


Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to write me to litvins on my gmail e-mail with any comments, suggestions and thoughts!


Tel Aviv American Folkstyle Wrestling Club at Team Bert

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