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On August 30th, E-Book Comes out on Amazon!

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Hello friends, funders, family and all who helped make Your Story, Our Sipur coffee table book about the Jewish diaspora.

I haven’t been doing nothing, besides working on the start-up, I’ve been working on creating the second version of an Amazon e-book. This email is to inform you that very soon, you will get an email about the launch of that Your Story E-Book. It will be an updated book with some minor bugs fixed that were brought to my attention by kind readers.

I’d like to make the book even more accessible which is why I’m releasing the e-book in Amazon. If you could please on the day that it comes out (August 30th), go and buy an e-copy, I will send you a post card of a picture from the book.

By buying it on Amazon, you will help more people learn about Jewish people, culture and how the world created unique mix of people. If you could tell your friends and family, that would be even better.

These are tough and trying times, I think the world needs a book that tells it that we can co-exist, if we only make an effort to understand one another. That’s what I think I do with my book, and I hope you will help me propel it to the millions of people out there who haven’t read it but who would like to.

You guys have done so much, the success of the book couldn’t be possible without you. If we can bring in more people, it would make it an even greater success.

Other things I’m currently working on that I can always use help on:

  • Getting UCSD Jewish Studies Department to translate the video of Mikhail Tokman, the survivor of Odessa Concentration Camp
  • Meeting with Jewish Family Service to improve their programming for Russian and Ex-Soviet Jews.
  • Anti-Semitism Hotline with StandWithUS, AMCHA, ZOA and Student Maccabees
  • Screening of Irene Orleanskys Movie Bal-Ej about the Jews of Kechene, Ethiopia.
  • Helping a Kurdish Jew out of Iraq. (if anyone can help with this, that would be really helpful.)
  • Creating a Meet-Up for Jewish Entrepreneurs with
  • Participating in Tarbuton Musical in San Diego: The Wandering Israeli


Thank you all and Shabbat Shalom!


PS-If you liked the book, please review it on Amazon, it feels good to see that the work was good and that it is important, and it would really help.

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