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Five Ways to Succeed: Jewish Style

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   We all know that Jews somehow manage to survive and thrive when given the opportunity to. In spite of all the obstacles, so many, somehow, make it into the top jobs, top earnings and even when restricted, many often find a way to at least do OK, proving that the ultimate revenge is living well. So I will disclose these secret Jewish ways for success and hopefully instead of envy, all can benefit from these tried and true techniques.

1. Education:
A Jewish boy is not a man until he reads from the Torah in front of the community. In a world where up until the past 50 years, only a few percent could read, Jews have been reading for thousands of years. Not only that but Jewish boys used to be required

2. Different Outlook
To be a Jew you have to be comfortable with who you are because you are different and the world will tell you that. Those Jews who hide from their true selves will never do will but those who embrace it, embrace themselves and those who follow their hearts and don’t let others put them down especially for their heritage will always succeed in anything they take on.

3. Community
No man is an island and neither is a Jew. There is a reason why to pray, a Jew must find nine other Jews. Because religion and therefore life, requires other people. You may be great, but you are no one by yourself. It is the loyalty to family, friends and community that are a hallmark of the Jews who succeed and those who deny their community are an unhappy lot. It is better to suffer together than succeed alone.

4. Positive outlook as a result of overcoming
We are a population of survivors because each Jew that is alive today is alive in spite of the odds. We mourn those who didn’t make it but we are the product of those who found a way to live and survive and so we never forget those who are not with us and we work hard not just for those around us we love but for those who aren’t and we do so with the strength and skills passed on to us through the hard work and sacrifices that were bestowed to us by the family members that worked through the impossible to come out alive.

5. Diligence and Stubborness
Jewish religion is a collection of wisdom from many wise Rabbis over thousands of years and their teachings can be found in a myriad of ways without resorting to a single religion and one can adhere to them without being Jewish. The God side apart, Judaism formulates these teachings into every act and every thought leading one to be a better person and sometimes a more successful person. God is just the wrapper or motivator for the way of life. However, one must not be born Jewish to use these tools, it is not a secret, it is right there for any Christian, Muslim or Buddhist in their own teachings. Those teachings are well known, it is only a community and practice and diligence that most lack and this drawback, can be remedied by most.

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