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If Hitler Survived

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A new article in JSpace was recently published purporting that Hitler survived. It says FBI knew about it and the DNA on the remains did not match Hitler.

This of course at first angered me. But after further reflection, it angered me some more, but not at Hitler. It would have been fine for him to stay alive, for him to see the Jewish nation as it is today, for him to see Germany change and for the better without him. I just wish he had been able to see this not from his beautiful confines of the Andes mountains, but a prison cell.

What angers me is the fact that FBI knew of this and did nothing. If this is true than there were many sympathizers with him in the US government, that means many knew of the fate of Jews and were complicit in their deaths, it could mean that there are so many more war criminals in Argentina, in United States and so many lived long and peaceful lives and that injustice is sad, angering and makes me think, there is no God, there is but justice created by man, and nothing else.

As for what this means for Jews? Our best revenge has always been living well. 

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