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Maple Lane Books Critique of Our Sipur

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Dear Sam,

We have reviewed your manuscript. Our critique, which focuses on the beginning of the narrative, is below:
The foreword of your book nicely explains the contents within, and identifying how important Jews have been to culture, and growth within all societies throughout history. Yet still they are often persecuted and vilified for reasons not rightfully known. The still enduring issues that face the nation of Israel persist to this day. We enjoyed how you also discussed yourself and your perspective on these issues, as an average Jewish man who traveled the world to capture the kinds of people and experiences that Jews encapsulate within certain moments in time. Your introduction further expands on your motivation for this project, which is sure to entice readers to keep turning the pages to view the photos you have captured. The organization of the book, with small snapshots lining the bottoms of pages of text, as well as the full page images is a nice way to put everything together. Sorting the rest of the book by continent/region is also a very nice touch, one that will help readers understand how Jewish lives exist in different parts of the world. We can see this book being used in academia, or as a University text book for a class focusing on Judaism in terms of how it exists today. Overall, a very well done book that is crafted with care and professionalism.
Finalists of the contest will be announced on June 1st. The grand prize winner, as well as offers of publication for other entries will be announced by July 1st. If your manuscript is accepted for publication elsewhere, or you decide to self-publish it before hearing our decision, please let us know as soon as possible.
Thank you for entering your work into our publishing contest.
Marshall Roofner
Managing Editor
Maple Lane Books

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