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Movement Hijackers

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Every rally will have one. They find their way into every single protest that gets media time. Women’s rights, they are there. Black rights, they are there. Police shootings, they are there. Gay rights, they are always there. Who you ask?  You know who. You see them wave the Palestinian flag, signs with insults at all Israelis, the signs describing of apartheid, genocide and war crimes. Their message seems to be anti authority and yet there is something missing.

Notice that they come to an event, not with solidarity but with theft. They do not speak of Gay rights at an LGBT event, they do not speak of Black Lives matter at a black rights event, they do not care for Women’s rights at a women’s event, why? Why don’t they promote black lives on their website or Facebook group? Why don’t  they promote gay rights or women’s rights on their twitter?  They do not do this because they do not believe in those things. They do not support those causes, they hijack them.

This media hijacking of human rights events does not help any of those causes they hijack. It harms it. It conflates a legitimate issue with something completely irrelevant, something actually hateful. How can an event for humanity include a group that openly calls for killing and destruction of a people? How can saying we want rights and call for Jews to loose their right to live and have their rights in their country co-exist? I doesn’t.

These groups use the anti-semitic sentiments of some of the people who fight for Blacks, Latinos, Gays and Women, and then get airtime in the media to get support for their causes, not the causes of those who are actually being harmed.

No one else does it like that, no on is so crass as to hijack the movement of another for their own nefarious means. If you are gay, black, Latino, or queer and don’t believe me? Then go ahead, next time those anti-Israel come to you, ask them to put on their website support for Blacks when Saudi’s are still active in Black trade, ask them to put support for Gay rights when being Gay is still punishable by death in Palestine and Iran, ask them to call for Christian Latino’s when converting to another religion is punishable by death in Gaza, ask them to paste support for women’s rights to abortion and equal pay when honor killing and polygamy are legal in the West Bank.

It is important to understand that these groups are in no way Pro-Palestine. I choose to call them anti-Israel for a reason: they do not care about corruption in West Bank, human right abuses in Gaza, they don’t care for freedom of press or ability to have dissident political or religious thought or any other important aspects important to Palestinians who seek freedom, they only care about anti-Israel propaganda. These groups do not advocate for children’s rights who are used as human shields or for those who are old or disabled whose hospitals are used as launching pads for rockets. Palestine to them serves as a great pretext to attack Israel, to keep attacking Israel, to keep Israel as evil in order to perpetrate the violence on Israel by Palestinian terrorist.

There is an old saying in Russia: Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are. Be careful of these friends if you truly want gay rights, women’s rights, black and latino rights, because those rights exist in Israel, your rights exist in Israel. Those rights do not exist in Palestine and they will not exist in Palestine, even if they come to your event, they do not support and will not support you. So next time you are at one of those events and begin to attack Israel, ask yourself if you’re helping Palestinians, or harming yourself. Don’t let your cause be hijacked by bigots; be a freedom fighter for all people, not corrupt terrorists.

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