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To End Anti-Semitism, Demand Opportunities.

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Anti-Semitism is blamed on ignorance and hate. Jews around the world demand that the governments they live in demand end to hate and somehow legislate out the hate. They ask for education opportunities about the Jews, for solidarity and security. They think that the reason why Jews are hated have something to do with Judaism or being Jewish and that these policies will somehow take these policies out. The thing that most Jews mis-understand is that the reason for anti-Semitism has nothing to do with Judaism and thus the solutions they demand will not work. What will work is that Jews demand that the same opportunities are given to those who hate the Jews.

There is nothing about Jewish culture or religion that anyone hates. When has one heard of a Muslim or Christian be angry over kashrut or circumcision? When have they been angry over Torah or Jewish history? Never. What they are angry is over the Talmud. They hate the civilized way of life, the knowledge that it takes to do well and succeed. They hate the entire capitalist form of thought that Jews have as a culture embraced and thus were able to do well in. They hate it because they feel left out of the whole way of life and they do not understand how Jews come to get that success.

Those who hate the current system and thereby Jews, want the law and path to a successful life that they do not get from their government, the way of life that allows Jews to succeed no matter the obstacles is what they want and what they cannot get from their government. It is the one thing that Jews have that Jews could give them but is denied to them based on the lottery of birth. And they hate the system for it and they hate Jews as Jews are a people one can see within the system.

Rarely do successful people hate Jews unless they feel that their success can somehow be taken away by a Jew or the ideals that Jews live by. The idea of freedom; having a non-living master is dangerous to any dictator. Furthermore, the success in modern life depends on knowledge. Jews know this as it as it is part of the Jewish culture. Becoming a man does not depend on becoming a warrior but on reading and understand law. This in turn is why Jews seek out the best schools and do the very difficult work of continuously pushing their kids with the fervor of an Asian parent to know more, to work hard no matter the anger or tantrums from the child. This shows why South and East Asians have never had animosity towards Jews. Like Jews, they are well aware that pushing balls into nets is not a path to success but accumulation of knowledge is. The lack of this understanding and the culture throughout Christian and Muslim world, where the domination of a dumbing down religion in Christian and Muslim world is keeping Christians and Muslims has been the way of life is why there has been an ongoing and constant battle between the two similar ideology. Meanwhile, Jews and Asians who kept their heads down and worked hard to succeed have been continuous points of blame, envy and hate.

This is why I say that what their people want is opportunity and it is what is most denied by the ideology that to do well, one must oppress.

The other enviable trait of Jewish people which leads to success and another source of anti-semitism is the sense of community. Arabs kill each other, Christians kill each other in part because they think that somehow being of this nation or that family or this self is what holds success and that others want to continuously take it away. Too many have the idea that the only way to succeed is to take away land, property or life from others. Thus when they see Jews come together regardless of nation of origin and help each-other, the family culture and respect for individuality while still holding reverence for community, they ask why does that which they learned doesn’t work, somehow work for the Jews? This is why many come to assume that it is not hard work in conjunction with community and love for one another that gets the Jew success but that somehow a Jew must scheme better at scheming. In someway this is similar to the cheating spouse who assumes that the reason they don’t know about the other spouse cheating is because the other spouse does it somehow better than them. This is not to say that all people are dishonest but the idea is in many that all who succeed are dishonest and thus because Jews succeed they must be dishonest as well.

And Sure, there are of course Jews who lie, and cheat because to do that is human. However, those exceptions are used by the masses as proof to say that all Jews are that way because the schemers were “caught”. This of course only gives rationalization and excuse to hate and harm Jews and perpetuate the policies that harm the cultures where hate persists. This is why no amount of attempts to prove to those people of how much good Jew do or all of the good that Israel contributes will ever prove to them otherwise. Because inside a person like that thinks “sure you show us this, of course a liar and cheat would say that, but the real way to your success is deception.” That’s because this type of mentality is natural for someone brought up on the idea that the only way to succeed is dependent on the failure of others.

So how can people combat that? People must demand from the government that which these people want, success. People must demand for better schools not just for schools in middle class areas, but all areas. People must demand for social action demand for that which will get them the success that middle-class people get. And when Jews work for this social justice, they must be honest. They must be honest about the fact that they demand these things not only because these demands are right, not only because these are the things which allow people to succeed, but because these are the things that will allow others to succeed and end the envy and hate.

To be honest, these actions will not end mistrust and will not end hate. In fact, in the beginning, these actions may bring about more distrust from the masses and hate from those in power who got there by furthering and espousing the policies which have brought about the conditions which bring about the hate that we see today. However, with consistent action and effort, I think the social justice and education and success that the masses will get, the liberation of self and the bettering of overall communities, will disintegrate the reasons for hate.

Of course, hate will never completely go away, that is idyllic and impossible. Hate affects all people and always will as long as we remain human. Our vigilance and zero tolerance must remain on this issue but our understanding of that hate must also change.

The world is changing quickly and it is leaving a lot of people behind and those people suffer and they need help. The more they get left behind, the more they will hate. We see the expression of that frustration and desire for a better life in the terrorist actions across the world. They want a better life but without hope or understanding how that will every come to them, they take up the way of the gun to destroy it in others. It is a cry for help. This is why the faster we help them stay abreast of the changes, the sooner we will end the growing hate.

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