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Worse than anti-Semitism.

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Jews are pretty unequivocal about anti-Semitism. But there is one thing that is worse, and that is what Dante Alighieri reserved the last ring of hell for, the people who lie to their closest ones. However, there is a rung even worse, a people so vile that he didn’t know about, it is people who use the trust of religion and faith to hide actions which take away dignity from those who trusted them the most. It is a rung reserved for priests abusing children, rabbis abusing children and taking advantage of women. I don’t know if it is a disease, maybe it is, but it is no excuse. As a society, we must let them and all others who might see them act, understand, that their behavior is not acceptable.

If you are in DC on the 16th, and you care for the rights of Jewish women, please attend and show support as well as your condemnation of the actions of Rabbi Freundel.

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