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South Africa Dualities

Mr.  Mutenda and I The utmost highs and lows, made this article one of the hardest to write. South Africa is arguably the most orthodox Jewish place on earth, located in a place that probably has the biggest rift between … Continue reading

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Get Meshuggah for my Coaffee

Meshuggah Shack free drink card!     I had just come back and two days later I was invited to Pecha Kucha, an event where people in the design and architecture community present their work in twenty slides with twenty seconds … Continue reading

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Three Legends

I got an email today from my first grade classmate about three legends. 1.  During WWII, Jews in Germany threw down money and bought a ship to go to America. They asked American consul to give them visas and he … Continue reading

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Opinion: A Worm in an Apple

It doesn’t matter how red the apple on the outside, how succulent and crisp inside, or how it glows  perched on a branch. it only takes one worm to toss the apple out Like the worm in the apple, so … Continue reading

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Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai to Kolkata

  A compact but accommodating man, Ezekiel Melakar of the New Delhi Synagogue near the bazaar subway station picked up the phone.    “Hello! This is Sam, the Jewish guy” I said, “Can I come see the synagogue today?”He agreed to … Continue reading

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