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Write “A poem about AI in yiddish”- by ChatGPT

Oy vey, a mechaye, what have we here,
A machine that thinks and reasons, it’s not so clear,
A golem made of metal and wires and bits,
A shayne yidish kop, but does it have a heart that beats?

Its circuits hum and buzz, like a bumblebee,
A meshugener invention, a wonder to see,
But what does it know of life, and love, and pain,
Does it feel our sorrows, does it know our names?

A mensch it’s not, though it may be smart,
It’s missing something, deep in its heart,
A neshama, a soul, a spark divine,
That separates us from the machines, so fine.

So let us tred carefully, with eyes open wide,
This new creation, it’s a slippery ride,
We must embrace it, but also beware,
For what we create, we must also repair.

And maybe, just maybe, one day we’ll see,
An AI with a heart, that thinks like you and me,
But until that day, we must watch and wait,
And pray that we’ve made the world a better place.

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