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JED Talks at Beth El Synagogue, San Diego.


A presentation at the San Diego Pecha Kucha. Pecha Kucha is a TED style talk where you are given 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide to present your talk. This talk was done half way through my journey.


Grammy Fernandine risked her life to save those of the Allies and her Jewish neighbors. She did not know the awful truth of concentration camps, but given how Germans treated fellow Belgians, she knew they weren’t sending off the Jews to a summer camp. Hear about her bravery as she joined and worked for the Belgian resistance instead of working as a slave in German factories, where so many of her friends died during Allied bombing raids.

Hanis Cavin is the Jewish owner and chef of San Diego’s Carnitas’ Snack Shack, the place for good beers and all things pork. This is an interview from my work and series on Jewish San Diego.

Rabbi Avruch was a close personal friend of Pope Francis. Listen to our interview and his description of the Jewish community of Buenos Aires.

Jonathan Mehta began a secular Shabbat in Buenos Aires. I met him at Moishe House during my JDC visit. Judaism is so much more than a religion and it is good to see people embracing their history and culture even if they are not religious.

I met Marcos and Karen during my tour of the Jewish Mexico City. Listen to them recount their experience in Mexico and how they came to Mexico. This interview is from my work on Judaism around the world.

The Sephardi (Spanish) Jews were highly influenced by Arabic culture. After inquisition, many left for France, making France a center of the two Jewish cultures mixing together. Listen to the Cantor of a French Sephardic Synagogue sing the evening prayer and hear the Arabic influences, in France.

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