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Antisemitism – by ChatGPT

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Hateful words and venomous lies,
Antisemitism, a cancer that thrives,
A twisted ideology that’s meant to divide,
A darkness that poisons, a hate that deprives.

It’s an old story, one we know too well,
Of a people persecuted, a tale of hell,
From the ghettos of Europe, to the camps of death,
The horror of antisemitism, a stain on our breath.

And yet it lingers, like a ghost of the past,
A hate that’s been fostered, a bigotry that lasts,
It hides in the shadows, and whispers its lies,
And we must be vigilant, and never compromise.

For every time we look away, or stay silent in fear,
We give it a foothold, we allow it to steer,
And so we must speak out, and stand up for what’s right,
For the sake of our humanity, and the power of the light.

Let us remember the lessons of the past,
And honor the memory of those who were cast,
Into the fires of hatred, and the darkness of night,
And let us vow to never let that happen again, to never lose sight.

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