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August 2015

Union City Tzedek

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He was 33, gaunt to point of bones. His long, thin fingers, raw, as if washed over and over trying to get something. Long coarse black beard with silver strands and thick glasses dominated his eyes. His eyes have a piercing black look that is attentive, kind and completely disarming. When he prays, he bows maniacally and words are wails of a man not praying but begging while others around him murmur mechanically without thought or feeling. In this man there is genius and suffering at the same time.  Had Jesus been a Chassid, he’d look just like Jeshua from New Jersey.

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Isolation is followed by dehumanization followed by annihilation.

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My physics teacher Mr. Stimson said a wise thing: a fight turns to punches when the two sides run out of words. Thus to cut off all words is to ensure that there will be punches.

It took a long time for Hitler to condition Germans to hate Jews.  Because Germans and Jews lived and worked together side by side, since the enlightenment allowed equal rights to all Jews, Germans now considered Jews to be as one of them and for conditioning to dehumanize had to take a long time and a lot of effort.

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