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After rape and drugs at SDSU, a new low: racism.

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San Diego State University is know for some good, some bad and a lot of shame. You’d think they had turned the corner this year with more competitive sports, more competitive and successful academic programs and a Greek life that after many years of bad press finally seems to be under control. However, that seems to not be the case. You see, the University has been hijacked by a group with links to the terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood. Founded and funded by Islamic fundamentalists, the group Muslim Students’ Association has been able to rack up much anti-Semitic support under the guise of anti-Israel. At a time when so many important things going on that sorely need the attention of muslims in United States, the group chose to focus the efforts of young Muslim students not on women’s rights, which not only lack in Saudi Arabia, but are non existent in Pakistan where women are regularly doused in acid after their husbands cheat. Of course there are much bigger issues they could protest and call attention to, like the 300,000 killed in Syria, or the destruction of priceless Iraqi and Syrian heritage, or the fact that their faith is hijacked to kill women and children in Nigeria and Iraq.



But they are students, manipulated and coerced into a hatred against Jews who they are told are conducting a genocide in Gaza even though the population of Gaza has multiplied six times since 1970s, where Hamas has killed far more Palestinians and has a tyrannical hold that they ought to protest instead. ¬† But again, they are students and we must look to the administration to give them guidance and help, but it hasn’t. It has joined these students to go against the one country in Middle East that actually has free elections for all people, muslims, Jews and Christians. Where Muslims have freedom, where women have freedom, where gays from across middle east come for freedom. The one country which continuously adds to this country. They are allowing a referendum to end academic freedom by divesting from a country which would go against the very raison d’etre of a university. ¬†Israel, whose scientific collaboration have brought about drip irrigation, solar power and desalinization which we so desperately need. Not to mention their work in IT and biological science like cancer. SDSU is going to openly have a vote on whether to end this collaboration in favor of a fact-less and hateful rhetoric.

So in a time, when Russia has killed over 6,000 people in Ukraine who tried to get self determination, after events in Georgia and Armenia, Rwanda, Serbia, China and Venezuela, Egypt and Libya where divestment might have actually been a good idea as it was in South Africa, the University is going after the one country which has tried time again and again to create peace in spite of the so many times that Palestinians began wars just as a peace agreement would be reached.

While the students say it should be their say to have divestment or not, it shouldn’t. We do not allow votes at Universities to discriminate, to take away rights of students, gay, women, white, latino or Jewish. The BDS referendum is a veiled attempt obvious by its selectivity of Israel and ignorance of huge crimes against Muslims. The vote is a farce, it has no ability to actually educate but divides and makes a minority at the University and the city feel marginalized, exposed and vulnerable; and that is the whole point of the BDS movement, to undermine the state of Israel, not a two-state solution, not peace, not understanding. This is why SDSU is one of the 10 most anti-Semitic campuses in United States, and the administration does not fight it, they enable it while San Diego 80,000 person Jewish community stays silent, while the city stays silent.

What is most sad, is that this happens on the heels of a heinous anti-Semitic act in La Jolla. So what does the San Diego Jewish community do to combat this anti-Semitism? What does the San Diego community do to combat the hate in their city?


So what happens to a place when in spite of evil good people do nothing?

Shame on SDSU, shame on San Diego.

To see what it is like to be a lonely voice that opposes BDS, watch the movie crossing the line:


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