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Anti-Semitism, Jews’ Greatest Enemy, and Ally

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Palestinians are stabbing Jews, anti-semites gloat and the world explains behavior of Palestinians that it would never tolerate towards itself or from anyone else.

And Israel only grows stronger.

With every slashing of a knife, Jewish cohesion around the world grows, Jewish love for Israel and one another grows and revulsion for Palestinians and their cause weakens. The world sees tactics used by ISIS in Palestine and recognizes with every slashing that if these people get their own country, who can now travel freely who can show their discontent through violence, it shall bode poorly for all.

The world sees this culture of hate which throws brainwashed children at soldiers with lethal force where only one outcome is possible, death of their own children. The world sees parents who care more about hating Israel and Jews than they care for the lives of their own kids and the sane, normal, moral, peace loving, child-caring world finds their behavior reprehensible and revolting.

The killings will soon stop, they will tire of sending their kids to die, they will tire of loosing income and jobs and they will tire of hate for a little while. They will plunge further into poverty as a result of their own hate and anger while Israel, more united, more appreciative of one another, more urgent with their own lives, will plunge deeper into science, into technology, into research, commerce, travel and life.

There’s a reason why Israelis are the worlds most travelled population, why they are the largest start-up country in the world, why they have the highest PhD rate in the world, because they love life, the love each other, they help their friends whether it is Syrians fleeing persecution, Sudanese and Eritreans fleeing dictatorship or Turks, Haitians and Nepalese recovering from natural calamities. Every country they help is an ally, while every country that PLO and Hamas invades brings their own hate and anger and negativity. They do not care for peace, they care for blood and vengeance funded by Iran and Qatar and that hate only breads death and poverty, but not in Israel, where it feeds love and prosperity, but in Palestine, where kids are sent to die instead of study, where girls are sent to stab instead of run companies and mothers celebrate martyrs instead of success of grandkids.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Palestinians are free to love, free to embrace peace, free to embrace their children and their path to success and happiness. Without war, there will be no need for walls, or borders or Iron Dome or death and carnage. All they have to do, is give up the destructive power of hate and anti-semitism and embrace the Jewish and Christian values of love thy neighbor, and all will be well.

So while Anti-semitism is the Jews’ greatest enemy, the miracle and secret of Jewish survival is that Jews have found a way to take that enemy and make it their greatest ally.

Am Israel Chai.


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