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As Linda Sarsour Speaks, Jews of America Need to Consider Plan B

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BDS is dehumanization of Jewish people of Israel. It states that the beginning of peace cannot come until an end of Jewish habitation of their ancient homeland. Sarsour stating this at the women’s march is the definition of normalized antisemitism because it takes Jewish people and makes them less than human, makes them the only ethnicity on earth that a large portion of America feels that they are not deserving of their own homeland and that the path to that is Ethnic Cleansing. Normalization of antisemitism is exemplified here publicly and proudly: genocide and ethnic cleansing is ok against Jewish people in Israel. The two sides, the majority of Trump’s supporters and Linda Sarsour now agree on one thing: their antisemitic feelings. And the people in the middle are going along with it. It is now more unpopular to defend Jews than to go after them. What is worse is that majority of American Jewish people are not aware of the feelings of their fellow Americans toward them. This shift has been slow and steady. The attacks have been slow and increasing and constant.
So the question of what to do at this point? Well, those who see what is happening have to do two things: they have to fight and plan for the worst. They need to understand that Jewish people who don’t see what is happening, are choosing not to see and will not see it. They need to work for a better day but also remember history and begin making plans for leaving the United States. I do not say this lightly, I say this because I have seen and spoken with too many people who lost their families because they did not see Germans becoming genocidal maniacs, because they did not see their neighbors turning to murder, but Germans did become genocidal maniacs and their neighbors in Germany, France, Netherlands, Hungary, turned them in and their neighbors in Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and Poland slaughtered them. We are the survivors of those who survived. We know better, we must prepare, because we just witnessed a major tipping point in escalation against us, and it is not likely to go back. We have witnessed a full normalization of hate. It is time to protest, it is time to fight, it is also time to prepare to flee or perish.

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