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Best Stories of The Trip

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Taking a cue from Chad Rothbart, I’m going to post some good memories from the road.

Meeting my dad’s high school friend who is now a rabbi.

Staying inside a home that used to be part of the Jewish Ghetto with a family friend.

Starting a conversation at a Synagogue in Kiev with a Swiss Jew, Jean-Michel Spira who invited me to his home for Shabbat lunch with his American wife Miryam and a year later meeting his childhood friend at another Shabbat.

Asking for directions to a synagogue in the street and finding out the person I asked is the director of Center for Jewish Life Mendy Vogel and getting to have Shabbat dinner at his home.

Meeting a fellow wrestler, a Muslim from Chechnya, staying at his home, meeting his Turkish roommate and taking him to a synagogue where I was invited to Shabbat lunch and dinner by a Tunisian father and son.

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