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Why Jews Hate Jews

Tuvia Tenenbom is the Jewish Michael More. He goes to places where his philosophical and existential enemies reside and uses their ignorance to prod them for their real motives. That’s how he found out about work of Jewish anti-Semites to … Continue reading

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Opinion: Morality of an Anti-Semite

Graffiti in Once neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Daniel Goldhagen, a Harvard Associate Professor and writer said at the San Diego Jewish Festival to the effect of: “Anti-Israel? That is entirely unique in this world. Imagine Anti-Frenchism, Anti-England, Anti-Japan.. no one … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Addis-Ababa’s Last of The Traditional Synagogues Shut Down

‚Äč Outside¬†the congregation Bete-Avraham in Kechene village, Addis-Ababa Imagine a life of a foreigner in a place of your birth. Imagine a place where hiding your identity is a way of life. Imagine isolation from your people such that they … Continue reading

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