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Two Years in Israel

A summary of what it is like to live two years in Israel. Continue reading

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Rosh Hashanah in Israel

  In the year 5778, I became an Israeli citizen. I get to celebrate Rosh Hashana here. In the United States, I would have gone to a synagogue to connect to God, to connect to my people. In Israel, I … Continue reading

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Ten Ways Israel’s Gay Pride is Better than US Gay Pride

1 It’s bigger The enitire city turns up to support Gay people of Israel and the World. It is unbelievable and the whole city is dressed in flags for weeks before the event. Looking both ways at 250,000 people was … Continue reading

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Itzkor and Yom Hatzmaut

Memorial day in the United States is virtually indistinguishable from July fourth. They are set a few months apart. Memorial day begins summer sales with barbeques and July fourth celebrates mid-summer with fireworks, barbeques, and mid-summer car sales. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Dear Palestinians- Don’t Shoot At Me Over Trump, Join Me In Protest Against Trump.

  Dear Palestinians, I’m a Jew living in Israel. I was a Jew in my passport when I was born. I didn’t choose this. No country ever gave me full citizenship and made me belong. The only place in the … Continue reading

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Criticism is Good for Israel.

A flash in the eye and black hair stands on end when criticism directed at Israel comes her way. My friend Diana will be first to point out that no one condemns Syria in a united world front for its war … Continue reading

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A CD Review of Beta-Avraham Album:Temesgen

Jewish people have a history of making art in spite of difficult conditions. The operas, songs and plays of concentration camps are famous examples. This quality is a Jewish quality and it did not matter whether the Jews were Polish, … Continue reading

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