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Rosh Hashanah in Israel

  In the year 5778, I became an Israeli citizen. I get to celebrate Rosh Hashana here. In the United States, I would have gone to a synagogue to connect to God, to connect to my people. In Israel, I … Continue reading

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Dear Palestinians- Don’t Shoot At Me Over Trump, Join Me In Protest Against Trump.

  Dear Palestinians, I’m a Jew living in Israel. I was a Jew in my passport when I was born. I didn’t choose this. No country ever gave me full citizenship and made me belong. The only place in the … Continue reading

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I like the number eight. As long as I can remember, eight has been my favorite number. Seven might be the lucky number, but 8 is my favorite. I say this because today, the Jewish world turns 5778.  I don’t … Continue reading

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Abuses In The Schul, We’ve Let It Go On For Far Too Long.

It began with a trickle, a religious man in New York abused a child. We then read articles about religious women stuck to abusive husbands who will not give them a get. Then we heard about a Rabbi abusing a … Continue reading

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A CD Review of Beta-Avraham Album:Temesgen

Jewish people have a history of making art in spite of difficult conditions. The operas, songs and plays of concentration camps are famous examples. This quality is a Jewish quality and it did not matter whether the Jews were Polish, … Continue reading

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Darren Aronofsky’s Noah is More Important Than Passover

IMDB    Ever since Pi, Darren Aronofski has been my favorite director. Every movie since has made me admire and like him more and more. His Jewish heritage certainly makes me especially proud to have at least my genetic history … Continue reading

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Jews Can Wear Green Too – Saint Patrick’s Day

Ever since I read Leon Uris’s Trinity, I felt that there are certain similarities between Ireland and Israel. From their diaspora living, to their fight against empires to their refusal to let their culture and way of life be erased … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Addis-Ababa’s Last of The Traditional Synagogues Shut Down

​ Outside the congregation Bete-Avraham in Kechene village, Addis-Ababa Imagine a life of a foreigner in a place of your birth. Imagine a place where hiding your identity is a way of life. Imagine isolation from your people such that they … Continue reading

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Opinion: Jewish Christmas???

   A conversation turns uncomfortable the minute someone replies “I’m Jewish” after “Merry Christmas.” Often, the Christian person will say “I’m sorry” and an awkward silence follows. It is as if we did kill him even after the pope has … Continue reading

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