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Opinion: To Lower Anti-Semitism, Jews Must Defend Free Speech, Not Limit It. Even if Hateful.

          “Hate is an emotion and opinion, and you can’t legislate either.” I’ll just come out, I’m not in favor of hate speech but I’m in favor of people’s right for hate speech.The difference between me … Continue reading

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Opinion: Morality of an Anti-Semite

Graffiti in Once neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Daniel Goldhagen, a Harvard Associate Professor and writer said at the San Diego Jewish Festival to the effect of: “Anti-Israel? That is entirely unique in this world. Imagine Anti-Frenchism, Anti-England, Anti-Japan.. no one … Continue reading

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Opinion: A Case For Religion.

I am personally religious. While some say that it is impossible to be Jewish without being religious I disagree because that is like saying that in order to be French one has to be catholic. But, even though I am … Continue reading

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Opinion: Jewish Christmas???

   A conversation turns uncomfortable the minute someone replies “I’m Jewish” after “Merry Christmas.” Often, the Christian person will say “I’m sorry” and an awkward silence follows. It is as if we did kill him even after the pope has … Continue reading

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Opinion: A Worm in an Apple

It doesn’t matter how red the apple on the outside, how succulent and crisp inside, or how it glows  perched on a branch. it only takes one worm to toss the apple out Like the worm in the apple, so … Continue reading

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