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Day One and What a Day

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Day one has gone on for almost a week. I had to finish up all the loose ends, get my transcripts, complete my engineering projects, finish the house and move everything into storage. Everything was done in Sam fashion at the last minute. I missed my ride, I nearly missed my drop off for storage (which is interesting in itself because last minute two friends arrived with trucks out of the blue and saved me as we arrived in the last minute before storage closed) and as of five days ago, I had no idea how I’d even get to New York. I considered every possible option but through a hint on craigslist, after almost driving to Kansas to drop off a Buick, then almost taking a ride from a random stranger to Phoenix; I flew out of San Diego to Phoenix at 11am after buying a ticket at 8am, picking up a seven series BMW and driving out East. It is a nearly new, gorgeous car and only “kissed” a little on both ends. Perfect for me.

I drove through the nonstop desert of Arizona and into the enchanted valleys of New Mexico. I stopped off at a rest stop at the Continental Divide and ate my salad sitting on soft grass in the shade of the tree. It was hard to believe that I was at 4000 ft. I tried sleeping inside the car and after waking up at 11pm I decided to continue twenty miles to Deming to give myself good rest since I slept the previous night in my car for three hours on my way from  Carlsbad to finish up moving out with an all nighter .

The quiet soft ride of the “Big Black Wolf” made it perfect to contemplate my trip. I have to constantly remind myself of why I’m going, where I’m going. I thought about and I think it’s an identity question. Who am I as a human and as a Jew. Why do we hold on to these labels. Fear of the stranger? Love of the culture? I have yet to compile a set of questions. I would think of things like: What do you eat everyday? What do you eat on high holidays? Do you go to Synogogue? Why do you live here? Why do you not move to Israel? How do you feel about your country? The people? How do you think they feel about you? How do you celebrate the holidays? Where is your family from? How long have you lived in this country? Which holidays do you like?

Well that is it for day one. I will upload the videos as I travel so keep checking back.

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