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Dear Palestinians- Don’t Shoot At Me Over Trump, Join Me In Protest Against Trump.

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Dear Palestinians, I’m a Jew living in Israel. I was a Jew in my passport when I was born. I didn’t choose this. No country ever gave me full citizenship and made me belong. The only place in the world where I have that is Israel where I get to be your neighbor. Israel is the place you settled as an Arab or converted as to Islam or Christianity, for if you are an Arab, you are from Arabia. Israel is the place that is the birthplace of Islam and Christianity, because Jesus and Mohammed both believed in the Torah and made it the basis of Islam and Christianity. Jews wrote the Torah, it is written that it was given to them by God and they are the keepers of the original Torah. According to the Torah and a lot of Archaeological and genetic evidence, we are from here. We are the parents, you are our children, sometimes we disagree. Thus, we lived here as neighbors for millions of years. We are one people and we should act as one people and protest these dumb dumb assholes in America who divided us with a stupid meaningless announcement as one people.

So if we are one people, why are we fighting? We all love this land, we built this land, why are we fighting here instead of living and prospering? Furthermore, why are we fighting over the words of a giant orange cheeto half a world away? He said something dumb to distract the world from his problems. He said something to make a whole lot of evangelical Christians who think him doing this will make them go to heaven and kill all of us here. He said something to make a portion of American Jewish ideological zealots who don’t care about you or me but instead about some vague idea of old Israel that they don’t even live in. So why are you shooting at us?

Why are you shooting at us when his words didn’t actually change anything? Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for over thirty years. His words are not moving Knesset, or the residence of the prime minister. His words are not making East Jerusalem part of Israel. All he did, was stir the pot for his own benefit. Your leadership, instead of standing together with the majority of Israelis who hate Bibi, who has come to power and has held it through fear and intimidation declared war on us and you joined that war.

They declared war- the war not just on us, the Israelis, but on all of us. When they shoot rockets, Israel responds just as you respond when Israel shoots rockets. This causes deaths and sadness on both sides. When you clash with soldiers, people are harmed. But why clash with Israeli soldiers? They are not American. They are not Trump. They are most likely just as against him as you are and are responding to you because you are attacking them.

You know what we should do? We should band together. We should protest together. We should not create this war that does what that asshole wants: detract the Americans from kicking him out of office. We should come together in peace and create the country we both want: with East Jerusalem as your capital and West Jerusalem as ours. As two people who have a common past and a common future.

Let’s not let him divide us for his own means, let’s come together and help conscious and good Americans get away from him and help ourselves create the countries we deserve.

Together we can thrive, together we can throw off the puppet masters in Iran and America. Let’s not add any more deaths to his words, let’s create children and live with our actions. By going with him, we will have death and war. By going together we can have Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and prosperity. Let’s go together.

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