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How Israeli Settlements Are a Symptom of the Western Problem With Extremism.

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Imagine that you build a birdhouse on land that was in contention between you and your neighbor but you have resolved that it will be yours. Your neighbor doesn’t like the fact that you chose to build a house there and show you just how much he doesn’t like it, he kills your ten month old child. The cops come over, look at the baby, look at the neighbor, look at the birdhouse and give you a ticket for un-permitted birdhouse and leave.

That’s what is happening in Israel. Israel builds on lands already decided with Fatah and Israel to be a part of future Israel. However, because Hamas says that no part of Israel should belong to Jews they voice concern, usually with cars killing children or children killing Rabbis. What does Obama and Europe do? They yell at Israel of course. So naturally, the lawful countries like Israel and Ukraine who do their best to be lawful and uphold constitutions get constant haranguing while the extremist forces only get bolstered. So then is it a wonder that extremism since 9/11 has only grown when Qatar is rewarded for its funding of Hamas with a Human Rights seat in UN? Is it a wonder that Iran after growing a nuclear program gets rewarded with fewer sanctions and Russia after its repeated assaults on Georgia, Ossetia, Chechnya was awarded with Olympics and now will be awarded with World Cup after attacking Ukraine?

Is it then surprising that Western aid workers and journalists have their heads chopped off, that Isis is composed of European Muslims, that police in New York and Canada are being attacked with knives and hatchets? We’ve created the monster because instead of arresting the neighbor for killing a child, Obama and EU chide the parent and let the neighbor continue the killing.

We must stop allowing our media and government supporting the law-breaking and killer regimes and support those who work within the laws, we must not allow for disiniformation and support popular viewpoints without first understanding if they are based on facts or not. We must hold on to a moral compass which states that killing children because you’re not satisfied with where another country’s building is not an equivalent action. Because to not stand up to these events is to doom our own kids, friends, family members who may appear on TV in the desert of the Middle East with a knife across their throat, or a hatchet to the back of the head in New York or a gun wound in Toronto.

Those who are kind to the cruel today and you will be cruel to the kind tomorrow. -Talmud

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