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Israel Approves Evacuation of Jews of Ethiopia, But Not All

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Today I read in Algemeiner that Israel approved the evacuation of 3,000 Jews of Gondar to Israel. I was very happy to hear that as the Tigray have had a terrible relationship with Jewish people, and should the Tigray militias enter Addis Ababa, a dictatorship would return and Jewish lives would be in danger.

I hope that this act by the Israeli government also opens the way for the Jews of Addis Ababa who have put their lives on the line to take advantage of the new freedoms to come out of hiding. The Jews of Kechene created great strides over the past several years, coming out of hiding, opening up synagogues, securing burial land, creating community centers.

The Jewish community hosted the Israeli ambassadors for Shabbat as well as the high Kes from Jerusalem. They have been recognized by the mayor of Addis Ababa in their efforts fighting COVID and by the religious council of Ethiopia.

But, sadly this also opens them up to attacks from the possible new government. This is why it is imperative that they get help and protection from Israel, or tragedy will befall them for the crime of being Jewish and proud of it. I have called on the American government to support the democratically elected government from an insurrection created by Facebook. I hope that the Israeli government will protect our Jews before any more tragedy befalls them.

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