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Not All Israelis Descended from Holocaust Survivors.

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There is a common question when seeing how some soldiers or Israelis view arab: how can people who survived the Holocaust act this way?

That’s a good question which doesn’t actually apply to most Israelis. While the founding fathers of Israel did survive the Holocaust, many did not. The Jews who lived in Israel prior to 1945 left Europe before the Holocaust and the nearly one million Jews who arrived in Israel in 1947 were for the most part Jews who were forced to give up all of their belongings and flee to Israel from Arab lands.

Once they arrived, they were nearly immidiately attacked by Arabs from all neighboring countries and were nearly anhialated. The Arabs thought that driving Jews from their homes around the world and into Israel would make it convenient to kill all Jews at once. Thankfully the opposite happened, united they triumphed over the invading armies.

From this history one can begin to understand why Moroccan, Tunisian, Yemeni and Israeli Jews are not as kind to Arabs as those who survived the Holocaust. Jews from Arab lands do not see themselves as carying a torch of understanding, if anything, they carry the torch of revenge and desire to show Arabs that after millenia of living under Arab control and merci, Jews are bosses here, living with the intention to never to be kicked out from their own land.

This is why once Israel claims lands which they feel were promised to them in the scripture (Jews from Arab lands were more religious than the more secular European Jews) they have a problem with giving up that land and it only opens up the scars of loosing all they had when forced to leave Egypt, Algeria, Iraq and Iran.

So next time you wonder, how do people who survived Holocaust can be so rough to people who are trying to kill them and take their land, understand that Arab Israelis, never felt the Holocaust. However, they did feel Arabs take their property and land and later attempt to kill them and they are not very keen to let that story repeat itself again.

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