Why Should The World Care About Terror in Israel?

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It is often said that France woke up on January 7th of 2015, when armed men stormed a satyrical newspaper and a kosher supermarket killing unarmed civilians. Most French felt that it was the first attack on them as a nation. However the attack on them started long before that. It was the type of attacked planned at them all along but practiced on the Jewish population. After Hebdo signs of a new attack were everywhere, signs that French learned to ignore that would later spell another and far more serious attack when terrorists came to Bataclan. This attack was a sign of things to come not just to France, but all of Europe.

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Palestinian Auto Shop for Orthodox Rabbis

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There’s a Christian Palestinian  owner of an auto shop in San Diego  with a penchant for Jews. Or is it that Jews have a penchant for him?

Toni’s Five-Star auto shop sits on a busy street in East County of San Diego. This is part of suburban San Diego with love for cowboys, large track-homes and a lot of American flags. It is also home for one of the best wrestling teams in America (the only sport mentioned in the Torah) and to several Jewish Orthodox Synagogues. Toni is a nice guy with a Middle Eastern accent, a bushy black mustache and friendly eyes. Toni hails from Jaffa, Israel and runs the shop with the help of Jimmy, a funny guy from Boston who greets customers with a dry sense of humor from behind the front counter.

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Movement Hijackers

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Every rally will have one. They find their way into every single protest that gets media time. Women’s rights, they are there. Black rights, they are there. Police shootings, they are there. Gay rights, they are always there. Who you ask?  You know who. You see them wave the Palestinian flag, signs with insults at all Israelis, the signs describing of apartheid, genocide and war crimes. Their message seems to be anti authority and yet there is something missing.

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Why American Jews Care About Israel So Much

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We rarely see people exert so much worry and concern for a country they came from as Jews do about Israel. Even more is the surprising length of time that Jews spent out of Israel (2000 years) and still care very much about what happens there. In America it is normal to see people have pride in their Mexican, Irish or Italian heritage while knowing very little of what goes on in the country of their ancestors and caring very little about American policy towards a place where their parents or grandparents came from, let alone the family that is two Millenia ago. But there are profound differences between Jews and Irish and Israel and Italy that I want to speak about that might make this more understood.

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