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San Diego Community College Union Releases Antisemitic Blood Libel. Jewish Community Response is Silence as Usual.

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A San Diego Union released a resolution that can only be called an antisemitic blood libel. The response of the administration is not firing those responsible for the bigotry, but an apology to the Jews for their sensitivity.

It is disturbing that the leadership of our educators is so unwilling to check the facts and ignorant of their bigotry. If something like this were published about any other minority group that was so false, so defaming, so public, the people responsible for it would be fired on the spot. But antisemitism has been normalized to such an extent that a teacher union accusing Israel being colonial and committing ethnic cleansing and genocide raises no eyebrows, creates no ire, prompts no protests.

To the teacher union, I would like to list some facts:

  • Fact: Jewish presence in Israel has been continuous for thousands of years, proven historically, genetically, and archeologically.
  • Fact: Israel was only independent under Jewish rule and was colonized under the Roman, Ottoman, Malamuk Arab empires.
  • Fact: It was Jews who kicked out the British and ended colonial rule over Israel. Fact: Israel ended Jordanian and Egyptian rule over Palestinians and gave them control over land for the first time in their history.
  • Fact: Under Israeli “occupation” the population of Palestinians has increased 8 fold.
  • Fact: Palestinians have had 8 opportunities to have an independent state, which they all refused.
  • Fact: Israel pulled out all troops from Gaza and ethnically cleansed it of all Jews. Palestinian Hamas murdered all opposition and began a fifteen-year war with Isreal.
  • Fact: There are two million Arabs living in Israel with full rights.
  • Fact: Hamas demands an end to all Jewish presence in Israel and supports full genocide of all Jews in and out of Israel.
  • Fact: Palestinian Authority demands an end to all Jewish presence in West Bank, or what is historically called Judea and Samaria.

The reality is that neither the teacher union in San Diego or the guild in Los Angeles who passed a similar resolution, have ever crafted anything of the sort about any other conflict around the world. They have not created a similar document about the treatment of the indigenous people in the United States, who are daily beaten as they protest pipelines. They have not published anything similar about the harm done to undocumented immigrants or the refugees who die crossing the border, are sold into sex slavery, or are forced to be drug mules. They have never admonished Hamas for their dictatorship, genocidal acts, or use of human shields. They never wrote about Bashir Assad using chemical and biological weapons on his citizens. They never addressed the forced imprisonment of Muslims in Xin Jiang or the murder of Rohinga Muslims in Myanmar.

In all of their years, they addressed only one group and only one country only, Israel. The only country that happens to be Jewish and one of the smallest conflicts as far as the death toll in the world. More undocumented immigrants have died in America than Palestinians and Jews in Israel. This direct attack on the Jewish people in Israel, United States, and those working within their own union can not be labeled anything other than Jew-hatred and antisemitism.

For a teacher union, to ignore facts and to spread blood libel about the conflict and Jewish actions when they are to educate the next generation is not just reprehensible but should outrage anyone and everyone that believes in human dignity, equality, and honesty in our education system. If this had happened to any other group, there would be protests and people would be fired. The fact that they still have their jobs and are supported by the administration, only points to antisemitism that pervades much more than just the leadership of the union.

As for the Jewish community of San Diego, perhaps resolutions would not be passed, if the community took it upon themselves if they were more proactive like the Asian, Hispanic, and Black communities. Perhaps fewer resolutions would appear if the Jewish community did not rely on strongly-worded statements by a few community executives but instead took to the streets and showed that they do not stand for this kind of indignity and defamation, on high holidays, from our educators or anyone else.

America is a place where you cannot hide, where you must show strength. America like the Middle East respects the strong who stand up for themselves. When will the Jewish community stand up? When will the Jewish community stand up not in quiet parks under the protection of the police, but in the streets, in front of the administration offices where it can be seen and heard and not ignored.

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