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Sneak Peak: Sipur Book San Diego Entry

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Working hard to bring you Sipur The Book! Here’s a preview :)

San Diego
Famous for Sea World, the Zoo and beaches, relaxed and chilled out San Diego is a border and military town. San Diegans don’t worry much about anything except beach, bar-b-ques, burritos and good beers. The city slowly grew into a Biology and Wireless center with giant companies at the forefront of DNA, Stem Cell and Cancer research while pushing the boundaries of what our phones can do. This stark diversity in a city that lives outside thanks to good weather. It is a perfect place for a diverse and open Jewry. Secular, Chabadnicks and Reformists coexist here. You can find Russian, South African, Israeli and American Jews mixing in La Jolla while the Mexican Jews play soccer in Chula Vista. It is common to go to an Orthodox service on a Friday and drop in Saturday on a Reform. Everyone runs around in their closed circles but Jewish circles mix like a split pea soup with identities never fixed and never an obstacle. It is the San Diego feel that creates a unique atmosphere for one to be as Jewish as a gay owner of Mechuga shop and still feel accepted by the eccentric Marathon 

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