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The Real Reason For Israel’s Punishing Strikes and Whose Fault It Really Is.

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Watching Congressman Harry Reid ask for funding of President Obama in front of the Congress finally made me realize the real reason for this huge Israeli offensive in Gaza. It’s not just the tunnels because they didn’t know of the tunnels before offensive started. It isn’t the boys’ death, that was a very timely piece of sad sad luck or else much worse conflict would have followed. It’s not the usual conflict that often boils between the two sides that most people think.

Watching him talk finally put it into perspective and the real reason in my opinion why Israel is pounding Gaza right now. The real and actual reason is far simpler, far more pragmatic than any others and at the same time, far more dangerous. The real reason is because there aren’t as many Iron Dome rockets as there are Kassams.

You see each Iron Dome battery costs 15 million dollars. Israel is a country of 10 million people. Roughly the size of San Diego county population and size wise. Imagine San Diego having to fund everything including its own army? Now of course you can’t manufacture unlimited rockets, unless they are cheap and provided by many much larger and wealthier countries like Iran, Turkey and Lebanon. All those rockets, at this point 3,000 of which have been launched have been smuggled into and assembled in Gaza. But that is a small number compared to how many Hamas had prior to the start of the hostilities many of which Israel destroyed. Clearly Hamas has been saving up for years, waiting for the right opportunity to fire and keep firing until Israel runs out of the interceptor rockets. 

And what then? What would happen when Israel would run out of Iron Dome rockets? Well, the world becomes happy because it will be a conventional war with losses far more equal than they currently are and in the land of mass media, body count is the only metric of war.

 In essence the lives lost in Israel would skyrocket as these rockets begin to hail on Israel without any protection. They will hit residential towers and office buildings, they will hit schools and hospitals. They will hit day and night. They will send Israel into bomb shelters and many will not make it and die in the streets, especially the elderly and the young. This would mean that Israel would have to respond to Hamas far harder than it has thus far. 

So far it has hit over 3000 targets. Most of them are storage facilities, homes of jihadists, tunnels and targeted strikes against infiltrators and rocket launchers. These rocket launchers would sometimes launch from houses like yours. Imagine some schmuck in war time getting up on your roof to shoot a rocket. Do you really think during a war the enemy will pause to think if that is his house or your house. Thus there goes your house with your family. Why? Because it’s war. Because they were told to leave and they didn’t. Can you imagine that you get a phone call that your area will be hit by the military and you stay. Can you imagine taking chances with your kids, or parents or siblings? Can you imagine letting your kids out to the beach during a war? No, I can’t. That wouldn’t be responsible. And if I did, you’d think I was an irresponsible idiot. But in Gaza it happens, and instead of thinking about what could those parents possibly have been thinking, we ask what is Israel doing. 

But as you can see it wouldn’t have to, it shouldn’t have to. If only Hamas didn’t have a nearly inexhaustible amount of rockets, if only Israel had an inexhaustible and a 100% accurate Iron Dome. Then Israel’s Defense Forces would not have to make that choice: to kill Palestinians or let Israelis be killed. But that is the choice and they are making the right choice. They are making the right choice because it is not their job to protect Palestinians but to protect Israelis. The job to protect Palestinians is the job of Hamas if it were a credible government. 

But Hamas is a government in name only, what it really is is a well known terrorist organization that operates and controls Gaza. That job they do very very well. They keep a strong sharia law, they do not hold elections and they cause the maximum amount of terror to their citizens and the citizens of Israel. They shoot rockets into Israel that destroy property and put people in danger and kill people who are Jewish and Arab (because their rockets are not Jewish seeking contrary to popular belief) and at the same time they shoot rockets which often fall short of the target and thus often kill people in Gaza. 

When they fall in Gaza they are far more deadly because the only warning that people get in Gaza are those that come from Israel. Thus when Hamas shoots and rockets and the rockets fall in Gaza they fall in kindergartens or hospitals or homes and because there is no 15 seconds to get into the shelters the rockets do exactly the damage Hamas wants to see but it happens in Gaza instead of Israel.  Of course those deaths like all deaths are shown on TV and blamed on Israel in spite of the fact that nearly 300 Hamas rockets have fallen in Gaza. 

Finally, Hamas is really good at getting Israel to make the choice of to kill Gazans or let Israelis die which causes the horrible damage to the Jewish psyche of having to kill children which is a horrible horrible horrible crime. Imagine to having to make the choice to kill your neighbors child or have your child die? Imagine the mental anguish? This is why human shields are a war crime because nothing is worse for a soldier than knowing that they must shoot and as a result of that an innocent person dies. That is a source of major PTSD and it doesn’t have to be that way. Thus they are really great at forcing Israel into a war which leads to the killing so many of their own people. 

Children and women and young people of course die the most because they unlike Hamas, they have no bunkers, no safe place to go and are most likely to die in a place where majority of people are under 16 years of age. 

But that is not the fault of Hamas. After all, they are a terrorist organization. That is what they choose to be and that is what they are good at and that is what they are expected to be. No person in Israel is shocked by their barbarity. It is why Israel has to have the advanced military. Because without it, with such a small population, with such a small country, Israel would have ceased to exist a long time ago. 

  What shocks Israelis is the way the world treats Hamas. How the world ignores the fact that they are trying to kill indiscriminately all people in Israel, Arab and Jew. What shocks Israel is that the world ignores the fact that Hamas uses their kids as human shields. Imagine if marines would go to Iraq with their children and put their kids on top of their Humvee? Well that’s what they are doing. Israel can’t understand how the world is OK with Hamas doing all that it does and is against Israel when Israel has no choice. 

And yes, I know, occupation is horrible, and Israel and Palestinians have been working on peace for a long time, but they are working on it and I truly believe that one day that will find it, peacefully. But an occupation does not give the other side to kill, even if you consider Israel doing a land grab it does not make it OK to kill Israelis and you will agree with me once I point out that it would not be OK with you if Iraqis or Afghanis came to The States and started shooting us, or if they went to any other UN or NATO country and began killing people as a result of their displeasure with being occupied. We would not be OK with it and yet, the world is OK with it in Israel. And that is what shocks Israel. And because the world refuses to stand with Israel against the same evil that kills and kills and kills so many people regardless of age, sex or religion in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan and condemns Israel as rockets after rockets come roaring into metropolitan multi-million person cities, Israel must defend itself alone, why it must commit the crime of killing innocent children put in the way of bombs by Hamas. Because if it doesn’t, it will have to put its own children in caskets, and that is not what Israeli army is paid to do, it is not what Israel’s politicians are elected to do. They are paid to keep Israelis safe, they are paid to keep Israel in existence and for all their faults, they do what they can, as terrible as that work happens to be.

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