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The World Is Silent Because The World Is Bored.

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My Facebook blows up every few minutes with a new event and a new call for end to incitement, a question of why the world is silent and appeal to imagine how you’d feel if this was your neighborhood where another elderly woman or young child was stabbed leaving a store.

I am bored of these.  Even though I have family there and I want to live there and I am an ardent Zionist and I post a million posts, I am bored. And if I’m bored then imagine how bored the rest of the world is?

The Jews are less than a percent of the world population. At this moment, the rest of the world is suffering huge crime waves in Santiago, epic weather across United States and Australia, mass war in Syria and Yemen. There are genocides going on in Nigeria and Congo. Russia is ripping apart Europe and the US just might elect Hilary or Trump, which would be epically scary either way. So given the insanity going on around the world, why should anyone around the world care about Israel where a bunch of dumb brainwashed kids run around with knives stabbing random people which 9 out of 10 times ends in their own death? They don’t. Part of the reason is it is understood that Israel does not need anyone to save it from Palestinians. Even if there are a million attacks, the number of injured or maimed will be minuscule and while every death is a tragedy, it is understood that when Israel hits back, the Palestinians will be used as human shields and will have no chance and no way to stop their own death.

Israel needs to understand that to live in Middle East means to be in constant conflict. Israel needs to accept that fact and to stop expecting the world to react to a fact that the world has long ago accepted. In fact the world at this point is fed up with the Israeli conflict so much so, that no matter how great the technology and science that comes out of Israel, the world wouldn’t care much to loose it. Humanity survived 2000 years without Israel and it would survive 2000 years more. In fact, Israel’s ability to innovate and create a semi-democratic (Jewish democracy is a contradiction) country in the sea of authoritarianism is partly why the world is so annoyed by Israel’s inability to solve the conflict. Let’s be real, if it weren’t for Jews bickering between themselves, the problem would have been solved in 1995 when Yitzhak Rabin nearly solved the crises. But no, half the Israelis had to make him the evil guy to the point that some Jewish nuts actually shot him, scrapping the entire peace process.

Israel and the Zionists around the world who support it need to recognize that the world is silent because the world is bored. The world is bored like a parent who has had to rip two bickering siblings apart again and again and again until the parent no longer cares whose fault it is, walks away and yells with exasperation  “I don’t care who started it first, I’m done with you two, figure it out yourselves.”

C’mon Israel, there are a million excuses for why it can’t work, for why Palestinians are terrorists and why they attack and why Iran helps them and a million other reasons. The world is done and the world says: if you’re so smart, then figure it out. Figure it out Israel and stop expecting the help to come from somewhere else. Figure it out or the parent just might take away the toy, and then no one gets it.

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