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Things I Learned Fundraising


1) Meal was covered at the Deli after telling about meeting my goal for the book and telling her how to get the book. Successful people like to reward success not neediness or failure.

2)Failure occurs when people waste valuable time which could be spent on getting to success, on thinking about failing. Every second spent on anything other than success is spent on failing.

3)There are people out there that bring you down, that hang up on you and make you feel like crap. Those people help you appreciate those who encourage you, who help you. And when you succeed, those who doubt you, make success all the more sweet. Success requires not just those who say yes, but also those, who say no.

4)A little bit from one who has little, means so much more than a lot from one who has much. When a person who you know does not have much, sacrifices for you, you know they are giving to your dream, they are giving to you because they want you to succeed as much as they want to succeed. You know they care for your cause and you. You know that they gave you what they needed and a big part of their income and you can feel the generosity.

5)Giving is the only path to getting. If you want people to give you something you must give first. You must show trust and vulnerability, showing that you are risking loosing a little for them to win something and you are ok with that.

6)Confidence matters. One has to be confident in what one provides for others to have confidence in it too. Many times I called stores and spoke softly and unsure about the book and about the price. Speaking confidently and with authority projected to the other person that I was going to deliver and the type of person to have a deal with.


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