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We are not the little boy holding his hands up.

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We are not the little boy holding his hands up.
We are not the people
Obediently following Nurenberg laws.
We are not your sheep
Lead to the slaughter
We are not cattle
For your cattle cars
We are not wood
For your fires of Inquisition
We are not Men and women
To be your slaves
And children and elderly
To burn in your ovens.
We do not wear striped rags
Or stand at edge of ditches
Waiting for you to shoot.

We are not apologetic for being born
We are not apologetic for lives we lead
We are not sorry for our success
And the hard work to get there.
We are proud, we are strong
We have a home and we shall defend it
We shall defend ourselves
And we shall strike back.
Because never again
Doesn’t mean you won’t attack again
Never again
Means we won’t stand helpless again.

We are Judean Jews
Which is Hebrew for Just.
We are Israel,
Which is Hebrew
For one who fights alongside God.

We are scientists, we are doctors
We are farmers and we are soldiers
We are engineers and we are athletes
We are business owners and we are teachers
We are many things
But we are NOT
The little boy, holding his hands up.

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