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Why The World Sides With Those Who Stab Children and Elderly

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Seeing stories of bias and stories of compassion, I wonder, why does the world love to hate Israel, well, there’s a reason.

Israel is always seen through the lens of a country and its evils. America occupied two countries in the past 15 years, the media here has had to ignore huge crimes by American military done with a large swath of willing American tax payer money. Thus they psychologically like to identify with the “occupied” as it makes their sins go away by proxy. The world seems insane and mad but then I realize that while Greeks and Europeans watch Syrians drown, Israel is the only one that helps. That while the world pollutes and drains water sources, Israel finds ways to conserve and create new ones with drip irrigation and desalinization. While the world generally keeps health care only for the rich, Israel continues to innovate, decrease costs and treats all people alike even the Islamist fighters in the north and terrorist get the same medical treatment as the victims.
While in most of the world indigenous people live in poverty and without voice, in Israel Bedouins, Circassians, Druze, Christian and Muslim arabs serve in the armed forces, get free college education and work in all areas of society including the parliament. While most of the world says no to refugees, Israel, a tiny country has huge communities of Sudanese and Eritrean communities and gives work permits to Filipino and Nepalese workers who send remittences home. While the world argues about how to power its lifestyle, Israel has used solar to reduce its footprint for nearly thirty years. While most places hold grudges against their attackers, Israel has made peace with Germany and most other countries who helped and perpetrated the Holocaust and created museums dedicated to human suffering all over the world, making a voice for the victims of genocide which before did not exist.
While most of the world keeps their conquered lands and chooses to evict most of those living there, Israel has created taken out its troops from Gaza and works side by side with the Authority created in West Bank which before 1967 was ruled by a Jordanian king and Palestinians had no voice and in spite of non-stop attacks from Palestinians keeps going back to the peace talks again and again and again and again.

The world is indeed an insane place and it only makes sense that it would enjoy watching the insanity spill and affect Israelis, because Israel is an annoying reminder that life can be different, life can be moral and life doesn’t have to be about rich and poor and war and co-existence.

This is why a guy who tried to invade and killed so many people during WWII, Hitler hated Jews, their ideas of equality and fairness infected the minds of those who he needed to control to convince that killing was good. This is why no bigger enemy exists for a despot than a free thinking Jew because they refuse to take away their morality and their humanity to do the awful work the insane despot wants to do.

So while the world wants to watch us descend into global warming chaos and war, Israel is the one place that reminds them that there is a better way through ingenuity and co-operation. Something that no person with a morsel of conscience likes to see, because it reminds them that there is a path apart from denial and avoidance, there is a path away from following the flow of the sheep, there is a difficult but better choice, to act in a good and honest way, and that, is a scary proposition for an insane world, indeed.

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