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Wondering Why So Many Hate The Jews.

Several times, Syrian people tried to destroy Israel. But when they are in need, Israel has helped. Israel has helped the Sudanese, the Lebanese, the Egyptians and the Somalis. Walk around Tel Aviv and you will see whole enclaves of refugees living and working in the city. To the north you will find the Druze, the Bahai, the Circacians and the Kurds. It has even treated terrorists, saving their lives after they took Israeli lives. This might be why the majority of world hates Israel and Jews. Because we refuse to stop being proud of who we are and refuse to act selfishly.

Israel sets a “bad” example that in no matter how scarce your resources are, as long as you are ok, you can help your fellow man. This is not what the British want to say to their people, it is not what America wants to say right now or Hungarians to theirs. This show that no matter how tough the good choice is, it is worth making it, it is what makes us humane and good people, not the excuses for why not do something. This difference might be why the world roots for the Iran deal so that Iran can finally destroy Israel. If it is successful, then there will be no example of a better way to act, then the world can kill, steal and destroy itself with impunity, without a watchful gaze of a nation that shows that there’s a better way to act. This is the difference. Because while Europe calously watched a rubber boat with 70 people die without food or water, Israel takes in the very people who at one point tried to destroy Israel.

I am seeing a stark difference between how the world acts and how Israel acts and now I am no longer surprised why BBC mentions the Palestinian terrorist killed but not the mother and father he stabbed in front of their child, why the world mentions the schools and hospitals shelled, but not the weapons stored inside or the rockets fired from them.

For a long time, I thought the “chosen” people was a funny and a ridiculous saying but now I see it, especially after taking into consideration the world before Islam and Christianity: when the world was a pagan place without laws or decrees that it is wrong to kill, that it is wrong to steal, that it is wrong to lie and that you should respect your neighbor and their belongings. It is a special people indeed who continue to hold on to these notions of a noble way of life which respects people in spite of the harm that comes to them for holding on to those principles. Harm from people who at their core know better, but are angry for being reminded of the more difficult choice of a noble way to live.

This might be elitist to some, but if you are a free person with a sense of personal responsibility, who does not make excuses for themselves, a person who respects other people, the choices of others and most importantly, respects themselves, you will know this to be true.

So as a new Intifada begins in Israel at the start of a new Jewish year, I sincerely hope that those who wish for death, for a life without laws, respect and freedom, do not succeed. I know there are plenty in the world who do not buy into the propaganda against Israel and understand that the laws of the Jews better all and the suicidal policies of those pushing for war against Israel are destructive to all human life.

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