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Yom Ha-Shoah, Holocaust Remembrance. Why not just forget it.

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Auschwitz Gas Chamber

Auschwitz Gas Chamber-2012


Every year, after we finish celebrating our exodus from slavery-our greatest hour, we remember our darkest moment. The years that nearly wiped us out. Why do we remember such horrible tragedy? Why don’t we forget? I’ll tell you why.
We don’t forget because they were our great-aunts, great-uncles, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers.

We don’t forget because we don’t have uncles and aunts, cousins and friends.

We don’t forget because they were killed for reasons why we would be killed.

We don’t forget because it’s not people who killed, it was a mentality given to people which caused people to kill.

We don’t forget because that ideology is still here, brewing and waiting, to kill.

Kill me and everyone I hold dear.

You shouldn’t forget, because they killed your friends.

Because they killed the family of your friends.

Because they killed writers of books you will never read.

Scientists of science you will never know.

Artists of art you will never see.

Film-makers of film you will never experiences.

Businessmen whose goods you will never buy.

Singers whose songs you will never hear.

Athletes whose prowess will never inspire you.

Teachers whose classrooms will never inspire you.

And all of their children who would have been poets, teachers, politicians, athletes, singers, actors, artists, businessmen and human beings.. who will never exist, because their parents, grandparents and great grand-parents were killed for being Jewish.

None of us should ever forget, so that this doesn’t happen to you and me. So that we don’t loose the precious human beings that make this world worth having.

This is why, we never forget.

To find out what happened, why we are alive and why so few survived, watch the story by Lyuba, a Soviet Holocaust Survivor.


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